Industrial Automation

Manufacturing and process automation is growing exponentially within the industrial automation world, in order to improve productivity and efficiency with minimal human intervention. The most popular benefits of implementing an industrial networking solution is improving real-time remote management, saving future maintenance labor costs, and decreasing production downtime. However, it is also used to assist in saving energy, offer advanced event handling, and improve the production or process quality, accuracy and precision.

Although a number of facilities have already been established as being fully automated, many of the control systems still include legacy equipment in the production areas. Traditional control or monitoring systems can be inflexible and difficult to integrate because many independent machines have limited connectivity to the Ethernet TCP/IP network. The greatest challenge for the industry though, is how to network these legacy devices with new Ethernet-based equipment to meet the demand for increased productivity. Besides growing accuracy expectations, safety and reliability are also becoming extremely important. Antaira provides a wide range of industrial Ethernet networking solution products that support manufacturing and processing automation that are easier, safer, and more cost-effective to maintain and operate.

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